The Measure of the Earth
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The Measure of the Earth

A solitaire game by Marc Figueras and SNAFU Design. Graphic design by Nils Johansson.

About This Game

In 1736, the Paris Academy of Sciences organized a geodetic mission to Lapland and another one to the Real Audiencia de Quito (now Ecuador). The goal: to measure the length of a degree of meridian at each location, to compare them, and to determine the shape of the Earth, whether flattened by the poles or by the equator.

In the game, the player controls the members of the expedition to Ecuador and, using scarce Action Points, must triangulate the distance between Quito and Cuenca and perform gravity measures, with the best accuracy possible. If the player manages to triangulate a distance long enough and with good accuracy, the mission will be considered a success.